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The album of Anna Pisula-Mandziej entitled “Nature in USA”crowns her 25-years adventure with American nature and same years of work as a photographer.
Her first photos were done in Sequoia National Park in 1987, while a year later became a part of her diploma examination in the photography at Academy of the Visual Arts & Design /AKI/ in Enschede. Afterwards several times she visited USA photographing in National Parks and Monuments in such states like: California, Utah, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Wyoming, New York, Florida.
From last two longer stays in 2011 and 2012 the photographs are also in this book. The older works were showed and published on many exhibitions and festi-vals in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.
The photographs from the series “Nature in USA”are in the collections of two museums.
The introduction to this album was written by Adam Sobota, the curator at the Polish National Museum in Wroclaw, while the book was designed and edited by Anna Pisula-Mandziej herself, and printed by Vandenberg/Printmedia in Maarn (The Netherlands).
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